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Titanic Month - April 1st to 30th

A premier fine dining experience.

The Woodstock Colonial Restaurant, located in scenic Paradise, Newfoundland, has long been heralded as one of the premier fine dining experiences on the Avalon peninsula. While the establishment itself dates back to 1927, the general area has welcomed hungry travellers since the 1800's! Such an impressive lineage is certainly something to celebrate, but it also serves as a constant source of motivation in terms of the quality of our food and service. We strive to meet the high standard set by those who have come before us, those who dreamt that The Woodstock would be satisfying hungry travellers long after they had done just so.

That said, continued success and growth is said to be impossible without persistent adaptation, modification, and perfection of every detail in order to meet the current market's needs. We at The Woodstock understand that, and we are always open to new approaches and methods: Whether it's refining the ingredients of a certain sauce, changing the plating of a specific dish, or refining the restaurant's entire menu, striking that perfect harmony between tradition and innovation will always be a challenge that we welcome with open arms.

In the meantime, our skilled chefs and friendly servers are some of the best in the business, and they would love to treat you to a wonderful meal. So join us at The Woodstock, admire our rich history, and be a part of our bright future. Bon app├ętit!