Lobster Fest

Lobster Fest Bl 2018 2





Lobster Bisque  $14

Decadent classic bisque, with hints of cognac, vanilla bean & cracked pepper, garnished with a drizzle of cream


Lobster Caesar Salad  $19

Traditionally prepared with buttered croutons, real bacon bits, house dressing, crisp romaine & shaved Parmesan, topped with generous serving of lobster & savoury garlic baguette 


Lobster Chowder with Bay Scallops  $14

A Hearty blend from the North Atlantic!  Lobster and bay scallops cooked in the style of our signature Woodstock chowder



Lobster with Garlic Butter      Market Price

Steamed lobster, with chef's selected side, fresh baked rolls and garlic butter for dipping 


Surf and Turf     Market Price

Aged 6 oz. bacon wrapped beef filet, served with pan-roasted demi-glaze & your chioce of 1/2 of full lobster, steamed or grilled 


Lobster Thermidor          Market Price

Lobster shells stuffed with cooked lobster in a creamy white wine sauce, then topped with Parmesan cheese & broiled until golden


Lobster St. Jacques         Market Price

Whipped potato, garlic, cream, fresh Parmesan cheese & lobster meat, slow baked and served with a light godlen crust  




Bread Pudding  $10

Strawberry Napoleon   $12 (for one or two guests)

Fresh Fruit Supreme  $10




All menu items are subject to taxes and availablity.  Lobster Fest Menu is subject to change or end without notice.